About the Women's Center

Due to the implementation of new campus actions announced by Chancellor Cynthia Larive, the Women's Center is currently unable to meet with you in-person. 

Remote meetings are available via phone or Zoom (video-conferencing). Please e-mail Abbygale Gonzalez (agonza64@ucsc.edu) or Nancy Kim (nikim@ucsc.edu) to set up an appointment.

Mailing Address:

Women's Center
TAPS- Carriage House
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Mission Statement:
The UCSC Women’s Center affirms the dignity and diversity of all women. The center continues and challenges feminist traditions by creating community space for all women and their allies to achieve individual and social change.

Principles: The UCSC Women’s Center honors our many historical struggles, fosters discussion of intergenerational and transnational views on feminisms, and promotes open dialogue and activism.

Diversity: In our conscious commitment to diversity at the UCSC Women’s Center we examine the complexities of race and ethnicity, genders and sexualities, class, community activism, and feminism. We work to challenge sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, classism, and other barriers that inhibit women’s inclusion and power. The Center embodies diversity in its staffing, programs, research and scholarship, community outreach, and transnational links.

Leadership and Development: The UCSC Women’s Center encourages women to find our voices and speak our truths, develop leadership skills, initiate and participate in campus ad community activist groups, and share out knowledge and experiences with each other.

Health and Welfare: As health, safety, and well-being are human rights unjustly denied to many, the UCSC Women’s Center engages in advocacy and education with the goal of attaining individual and collective health.

Community: The UCSC Women’s Center provides space, staff, and resources to encourage women’s involvement in all aspects of university life and to establish and deepen connections with the Santa Cruz community and beyond.

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