Women’s Center Student Staff

    Angie Yang

  • Angie Yang, Business

    Business Intern

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Political Science, Feminist Studies
    Email: angieyang@ucsc.edu

    Angie is a third year undergraduate student from the San Francisco Bay Area! Outside of the Women's Center Angie is a student-athlete on UCSC's NCAA Women's Golf team and can often be found jamming out on UCSC's various beautiful and hidden trails. Working at the Women's Center, Angie hopes to be part of and build a community focused on increasing a sense of belonging where differing identities are highlighted, and valued. Angie is always excited for an adventure whether it be at the beautiful Santa Cruz beach or in a pottery class and she loves creating new friendships along the way!

  • Jazleen Jacobo

  • Jazleen Jacobo, Business

    Business Intern

    Pronouns: She/They
    Major(s): Sociology, Legal Studies
    Email: jdjacobo@ucsc.edu

    Jazleen (she/they) is a fourth year Sociology and Legal Studies double-major from the I.E who is affiliated with College Ten. She works as a business team intern and this is her second year interning with the Women’s Center. She enjoys interning at the Women’s Center because this space provides affirmation and reassurance that womxn are powerful and deserve to have a space where they feel safe and included. She is a Sagittarius sun and rising, and an Aquarius moon. They enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the waves at Westcliff. Their favorite color is black and they love love love dogs. Besitos and shout out to her baby Jodi back home <3. Jazleen is really funny so hit her up to tell you her funniest joke.

  • Amy Mancia

  • Amy Mancia, Business

    Business Intern

    Pronouns: She/Her/Ella
    Major(s): Sociology, Latin American/Latino Studies
    Email: aamancia@ucsc.edu

    Amy is a first-gen Salvadoreña college student from South Central Los Angeles. She is a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, and Libra Rising. She is currently a fourth year Sociology and Latin American and Latinx Studies double major. This is Amy's second year interning at the Women's Center; previously she was an SPC. Amy is also an ambassador for the CentAm Collective, a collective for and by Central Americans, as well as, the Publicity Chair for CentroAmericanos Unidos. Amy loves working on creating Central American visibility, and likes to stay informed as well as inform others about issues going on in politics and communities both in the United States and in Central America. Amy enjoys working at the Women's Center because this is a space where she feels at home and empowered to actively learn and create dialogue of ongoing intersectional feminist issues. During her free time Amy likes to hold space for herself, grab an iced latte, go to the beach, cook for or with her friends, read about astrology, and watch tarot videos. Amy also loves to travel and sight see; she hopes to get her passport and visit the motherland, El Salvador, for the first time this summer.

  • Leian Dinatale

  • Leian Dinatale, SPC

    Student Program Coordinator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Feminist Studies
    Email: ldinatal@ucsc.edu

    Leian is a third year, first generation college student from the Sierra Nevadas. She is majoring in Feminist Studies and minoring in Education becuase she is interested in how feminist studies topics can be utilized in K-12 education. Her top values are self growth, social justice, knowledge, and love. Leian is excited to be a part of the Women’s Center team, and strives to create an uplifting and supportive environment for womxn and LGBTQ+ students at UCSC. She is passionate about advocating for educational equity and women’s reproductive rights, as well as learning about everyday sexism and microaggressions. In her spare time she enjoys tutoring kids, reading fantasy novels, and watching Veronica Mars for the fourth time. 

  • Priscilla Veloz

  • Priscilla Veloz, SPC

    Student Program Coordinator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Latin American and Latino Studies
    Email: pveloz@ucsc.edu 

    Priscilla Veloz transferred fall 2018 from East LA college and is majoring in Latin American and Latino Studies. She was born in East Los, but raised in the 818, particularly, North Hollywood. As a future educator and writer she hopes to contribute great things to her community back home as well as other communities abroad. She is an intern student program coordinator at the Women’s Center as well as a mentor to international students. Throughout her academic experience she has fostered great attributes that she hopes to bring to the Women Center. During her free time she enjoys dancing, going to shows, going out to new places, traveling, and loves to read and write.

  • Celicia Marquez

  • Celicia Marquez, SPC

    Student Program Coordniator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Intensive Psychology Major, Education Minor
    Email: ceamarqu@ucsc.edu

    Celicia or “Ceci” to her friends, is a 4th year Intensive Psychology major and Education minor. Mental wellness has always been her passion and community education is very important to her.  Besides her work at the women’s center, she also holds another position as an academic intern. She is interested in learning about ways to dismantle current systems of oppression as well as providing support to survivors of trauma. She is very eager for her position as a student program coordinator and is looking forward to making strong connections to better serve the underrepresented intersectional identities of womxn in hopes to build fierce communities on campus.

  • Guiselle Vasquez

  • Guiselle Vasquez , SPC, MINTern

    Student Program Coordinator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Psychology, Education
    Email: guevasqu@ucsc.edu

    Guiselle Vasquez is a second-year first-generation Latina student majoring in Psychology and minoring in education. She is also involved with Party Safe on campus and in Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. She has a passion for community outreach and providing resources to all spaces on campus. Her hobbies usually revolve around finding new music to listen to, fangirling over 70s through 90s Horror movies, and watching sunsets by the beach.

  • Madison Siemers

  • Maddie, SPC

    Student Program Coordinator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Feminist Studies
    Email: msiemers@ucsc.edu

    Maddie is a fourth-year Feminist Studies major from the East Bay. Her passions surround engagement with reproductive rights, mental health/wellness, and sexual education specifically in regards to marginalized groups. As an academic intern at the Women’s Center, Maddie looks forward to cultivating relationships and contributing to communities that provide true inclusivity. Her hobbies include cooking and baking for loved ones, listening and participating in musical theatre, and hanging out with her friends and family!

  • Shanti Kumar

  • Shanti Kumar, SPC

    Student Program Coordinator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Feminist Studies
    Email: sgkumar@ucsc.edu

    Shanti is a fourth year double major in feminist studies and art! She does film/digital photography, has a photograph in the MAH and is also a darkroom monitor. Her Caffeine addiction makes it possible for her to push the boxes and boundaries in and out of school by thinking critically about feminist theory and intersectionality and how functions in our society.

  • Sierra Caoili

  • Sierra Caoili, G&M

    Graphics & Markerting Intern

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Literature
    Email: scaoili@ucsc.edu

    Sierra is a third year undergraduate studying literature and identifies as Pilipinx. Aware of the lack of diversity in media, she hopes that she can make the most out of her position by representing Pilipinx and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the graphics she designs. She wishes also to draw in and foster community through these graphics she designs for the Women’s Center’s programs. Outside the Women’s Center, she also holds a position as one of the coordinators for Alay, which is housed under Bayanihan and Student Media. Interested in print, art, and media, she is deeply fond of movies, and her favorite activities are those pertaining to self-expression. She can most likely be found reading and watching film adaptations and gushing over her favorite actresses.

  • Lluvia Moreno

  • Lluvia Moreno, G&M

    Graphics & Markerting Intern

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Applied Linguistics
    Email: llmoreno@ucsc.edu

    Lluvia is a third year Applied Linguistics major and photojournalist. Her passions include art, being the mom friend, and having a revolving string of hobbies she picks up and abandons. She is an Aries, Cancer, Cancer and was sorted into Ravenclaw. As a Graphics & Marketing Intern, she hopes to reach an even greater percentage of the student body and increase the amount of people who can benefit from the Women’s Center and their amazing programs!

  • Adria Vidales

  • Adria Vidales, G&M, MINT

    Graphics & Markerting Intern (MINTern)

    Pronouns: She/They
    Major(s): Applied Linguistics
    Email: amvidale@ucsc.edu

    Adria Vidales (she/they) is a second year double majoring in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Environmental Studies. They call home a small-ish city named Stockton in the Central Valley and are proud of their heritage and identity as a queer plantitx babe and wishful curanderitx. Adria looks forward to a year filled with feminist joy, feminist love, and feminist building. <3

  • Francisca Verduzco Moreno

  • Francisca Verduzco Moreno, MINT


    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): CRES, Feminist Studies, Education
    Email: fverduzc@ucsc.edu

    Francisca (Fran) Verduzco (she/her) is a third year student double majoring in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies and Feminist Studies with a minor in Education.  Fran was born in Sonora, Mexico and was raised in San Diego. She holds positions in various organizations including Kresge College, TWANAS, and the MINT Program.  Working at the Women’s Center, Fran hopes to emphasize intersectional and decolonized feminisms. She looks forward to being a part of an intentional space that helps marginalized students navigate the UC.  During her free time, she enjoys cuddles with her dog, writing, and rollerskating. #AbolishICE #DecolonizeYourEducation

  • Isabela Vanier

  • Isabela Vanier, MINT


    Pronouns: She/Her
    Major(s): Sociology, LALS
    Email: ivanier@ucsc.edu

    Isabela (she/her) is so excited to be an intern at the UCSC Women’s Center this year! She is a student program coordinator for the mint program and a new transfer student studying Sociology/ Latin American and Latinx Studies. Her passions include creative writing, journaling, traveling, and the ocean. She is interning at the Women’s Center because she gets to build community, program events for students, and be apart of creating safer spaces for womxn more specifically for her qtpoc family on campus. If you have any questions about the women’s center/ mint program or just want a new friend do not hesitate to reach out!  instagram: @isa.bela_8

  • Vanessa De La Torre

  • Vanessa De La Torre, MINT


    Pronouns: She/They
    Major(s): Legal Studies, Political Science
    Email: vbdelato@ucsc.edu

    Vanessa (she/they) is a Student Program Coordinator at the Women's Center, specifically for the MINT program! She is a 4th year, College Ten affiliate, double majoring in Legal Studies and Politics. When Vanessa isn’t working at the Women’s Center or studying for her classes she’s working with the Practical Activism Conference Planning team, where she works as a co-lead. Vanessa is very passionate about activism and loves to incorporate it into her daily life! When Vanessa likes to relax she loves to hang out with kitties, watch movies, bullet journal or take a nap! She loves to listen to music, but some of her favorite artists are Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Frank Ocean. Vanessa was born in the avocado capital of the world, so naturally she is obsessed with avocados! If you ever see Vanessa around feel free to say hello :)

  • Gardenia Galvan

  • Gardenia Galvan, MINT


    Pronouns: She/They
    Major(s): TBD
    Email: ggalvan1@ucsc.edu

    Bio coming soon!

  • Melanie Ho

  • Melanie Ho, Graduate Student Assistant, M.I.N.T. Program Coordinator

    Graduate Student Assistant/M.I.N.T. Program Coordinator

    Pronouns: She/Her
    Graduate Program: Social Documentation MFA
    Program Lead: M.I.N.T. Program Coordinator

    Melanie is pursuing an MFA in the Social Documentation program. Her thesis will culminate in a film focused on the Vietnamese community in New Orleans, and the relationship between land and labor found in the foodways. Mel’s currently the grad student coordinator for the MINT program and feels so supported by all of the folks in the Women’s Center. You can catch her most nights thinking about fish sauce and her nonexistent love life.