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  2. The Vagina Monologues

  3. Votes for Women

Women's Center Lending Library - Borrowing Policies 

Library Borrower Responsibilities

  • The borrower is responsible for all material checked out until the material is returned to the Women's Center, Cardiff House.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to keep the Women's Center informed of the patron's current contact information.
  • The Women's Center strongly encourages patrons who know they will be outside of the UCSC campus area for more than two weeks to return all library material. Being away from the UCSC area is not considered a legitimate reason for returning books.
  • Each borrower must have a valid UCSC ID card. 
  • Each borrower must present library card each time material is checked out.
  • Borrowers who do not have a photo on their library card must show a photo ID in conjunction with their library card in order to check items out from the Lending Library.
  • Privileges are valid until the expiration date on the card has passed or affiliation with the University ends.
  • Borrowers are strongly encouraged to report lost or stolen books within 48 hours. The Women's Center holds borrowers responsible for all material checked out if they do not report the loss within 48 hours.
  • Students registered during the Spring Quarter may continue to borrow books during the summer if their ID card has a spring validation sticker.

Overdue Policy

Overdue Information:

  • All borrowers are responsible for returning items checked out by the specified due date.
  • Borrowers are responsible for knowing when their books are due.
  • A book is considered overdue if it is not returned by the due date.
  • Patrons who fail to return or renew books by the due date may have their lending library privileges revoked. 

Renewing Items

Checked out items may be renewed if no holds or recalls have been placed on them by another borrower.

  • A request to renew an item may be made any time during the loan period. The new due date will be calculated from the date on which the renewal is made.
  • An item that has been billed for replacement must be physically returned to a Circulation Desk before it can be renewed and given a new due date. It must be checked in and re-checked out to the borrower.
  • Reference material may only be checked out with the permission of the Women's Center Director.
Renewals may be accomplished:
When an item is renewed by email, by phone or in-person, the borrower is certifying that the items being renewed are in their possession and in good condition.

Placing Holds

A borrower may request to have a currently checked out item held at either Circulation Desk when it is returned. Staff will notify the requesting patron through email or U.S. Mail once the item is available.

  • Items will be held for seven days at the Reception Desk at the Cardiff House.
  • Items with holds placed on them may not be renewed.
  • Material on the hold shelf for another borrower may be viewed in the library for a limited amount of time.
  • Eligible borrowers (UCSC faculty, staff and students) may use Interlibrary Loan to request an item that is checked out as an alternative to placing a hold on it.

Recalling Items

When a hold is placed on a checked out item, a Recall notice is sent to the patron requesting they return the item by a certain date. All patrons are guaranteed a 2-week loan period from the date from the loan date for items in the circulating collections. After an item has been borrowed for 2-weeks, it may be subject to immediate recall.

  • All items recalled are assigned a due date of 2-weeks from the date of recall, unless the original due date is less than two weeks away, in which case the due date will remain the same.
  • When an item has been recalled, the borrower who has the item checked out will be sent a recall notice specifying the new due date, if applicable.
  • Items that have been recalled may not be renewed.
  • Items not received by the stated due date are considered overdue. 

Missing Items

If a borrower cannot locate an item on the shelves, the patron may request that a search for the item be performed by staff.

  • Reception Desk staff will initiate the search process.
  • When the item is located, the borrower will be notified and the item will be held at the Reception Desk.